Rental Cargo Trailers

Need a trailer?

  • Moving
  • Vacations
  • Building Supplies
  • Motorcycles
  • Lawn & Garden Projects
  • Moving the kids to college
  • Hauling your show car
  • Buying new furniture
  • Getting rid of old furniture
  • Office equipment
  • New inventory
  • Antiques
  • Hobbies
  • Craft shows
  • Moving your Mother-in-Law into the spare bedroom?
Lease Trailer

You can count on our late model, well maintained trailers to Haul Your Stuff.

Our enclosed cargo trailers are the perfect solution for your occasional short-term trailer needs.

Available sizes range from the small 5’ x 10’ single axle to the big 8’ x 20’ 10,000# GVWR enclosed car trailer.

5×10 Single Axle
Ramp Rear Door
Curbside Door
1,800 lb Payload

6×12 Single Axle
Ramp Rear Door
Curbside Door
1,650 lb. Payload
7×16 Tandem Axle
Ramp Rear Door
Curbside Door
7,000 lb. Payload
8×20 Tandem Axle
Ramp Rear Door
Curbside Door
6,150 lb. Payload

18’ Tandem Flatbed
Wood Floor
Gravity Tilt
14,000# GVWR – 10,000 lb. Payload

20’ Tandem Tilt Bed Car Trailer
Wood Floor
Electric Tilt
9,900# GVWR – 7,500 lb Payload

Single axle trailers have a 2” ball hitch and 4-way flat electrical plug.

Tandem axle trailers have a 2-5/16” ball hitch, 7-way round electric plug and electric brakes. Your tow vehicle MUST have an electronic brake controller in order to rent a tandem axle trailer.

Rentals limited to approximately 600 mile radius from Sioux City

Reserve your trailer in advance to ensure availability on the day you need it.